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We Protect...

Structures and building projects from graffiti and other forms of pollutions is an indispensiable element in the maintaining of the liveablility and attractiveness of urban environments ans infrastructural projects.

A clean environment evokes a feeling of comfort, calm and assurance that your welfare is being considered. APP specializes in this form of protection.

Our products, mainly developed in our own laboratory, provide maximum protection. Various contractual and service subscription forms guarantee that structural objects are always clean.

APP also offers protection against the invisible enemies of our environment. A new generation of coatings actively uses the UV in sunlight to break down the harmful residues of exhaust gases.


We are up to date…

Technology doesn’t stand still, and that is why APP has no desire to be dependent on other people’s techniques in its aim for optimum efficiency.

Most of our products were developed in our own laboratory. Certified by internationally recognized research institutes and 100 percent environmentally friendly, our products represent the state of the art among protective systems.

The latets developments in nanotechnology and photocalysis are closely followed and enable us to adapt products to the specific bases and circumstances that characterize your object.

Maximum protection is linked do maximum preservation of visual impact and physical features.


We are masters
at the game…

Good products form the right basis.

Expert knowledge of cleaning and application techniques is essential in order to do these products justice.

With our our specialized teams, instructors closely involved in the product development and an advanced inspection system, APP guarantees the best possible application of its products.

Contract forms are set up in such a way that APP bears the responsibility for any incorrect application.

With a treated surface of over 5 million m2 spread across around 18,000 of the most diverse structures, APP has acquired and impressive list of references.


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