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Water-repellency (dyed water)








Permanent Protection Systems

In order to protect and preserve building materials from externally-applied attack (by water, oil, grease and even chewing gum)

ThefAPP® developed by APP All Remove is one of the most effective long-term protection available against soiling, caused by man and by nature, and against atmospheric pollution.

Through water-repellency:

  • Water-based stains (red wine, coffee, Cola, for example) are held on the surface from which they can easily be removed.
  • Damage by acids (acid rain, urine, orange juice) is reduced or eliminated.
  • Since water is not absorbed, freeze/thaw damage is avoided.
  • Horizontal surfaces are not degraded by the application of de-icing chemicals.
  • Ice is more easily removed since it stops at the outer surface rather than continuing into the pores.
  • Organic growth (algae, moss) is denied the water flow into and out of the surface which transports the nutrients required for colonization.

Through oil-repellency:

  • Graffiti paints are held on the surface from which they can be more easily removed avoiding residual shadows.
  • Environmental pollutants (diesel particulates, industrial soot, tire rubber particulates) are not bound to the surface and can be easily removed, often by rainfall.
  • Oils and fats from discarded food residues (and parked vehicles) are held on the surface for easy removal.
  • Vehicle tire marks are easily removable.
  • Although not affecting mechanical keying, the physico-chemical forces binding chewing-gum to a floor surface are significantly reduced making removal easier.
  • The surface array of perfluorinated alkyl side-chains not only protects the product itself against the effects of UV radiation but also the solid surface, reducing changes in appearance over time.


Overall effect:

Maintenance cleaning is faster, more effective, less aggressive (and therefore less likely to shorten the life of a costly substrate), required less frequently and achieved at significantly lower cost.

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